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Many patients are nowadays confused because there are different professional titles with the regard to dentists practicing in the field of orthodontics. Therefore we will briefly explain to you what an orthodontic specialist is.

An orthodontic specialist is a dentist who, having successfully graduated from dentist school, completed a three year, full-time specialized training in the field of orthodontics. This specialized training has to take place at on orthodontic practice of a resident orthodontic specialist as well as at an orthodontic University Hospital.

After the three year specialized training the dentist takes a specialized dentist examination carried out by an independent board of examiners of the respective dental association. Only then the dentist is entitled to use the professional title “orthodontic specialist” or “orthodontist”.

Differing professional titles that can be encountered, such a “Master of Science – Orthodontics” or “Dentist with occupational focus on orthodontics” do not offer a guarantee for a comparable theoretical and practical specialized education that is required in order to obtain the professional title “orthodontic specialist” or “orthodontist”.

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